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Name BossAction
Established 2000
Location Costa Rica


Pay Per Head industry newcomers has to jump through hoops for success. These companies have to compete with suppliers in the industry who’ve been perfecting products and services for decades.

BossAction is new to this field, but its products are highly regarded for being of quality.

Software and Features

BossAction offers everything a bookie wants and more because it has designed its own software. That is to say; they are constantly updating and improving software to meet the expectations of bookies or gamblers.

Alongside the vast team of programmers behind the software are also many oddsmakers who have put up lines and odds for almost every sport in the world.

With their software, your gamblers will have many options, such as sports betting or an online casino where they can spend the night gaming.

BossAction provides a great way to keep your bettors satisfied and run a first-rate betting service.

The software allows you to manage your bettors’ accounts. This includes setting up custom settings such as betting limits, the maximum amount of bonuses that can be claimed, among others. You can even delete a user’s account or block it for a specific time.

Once you know the basics of running a betting business, your company will run with precision, thanks to the tools and platforms of BossAction.

Bettors want a betting site that is fast, easy to use on a smartphone or computer. Boss Action provides a friendly, compatible, and easy-to-be-up and running betting site. With features like live betting and casino (no matter what device).

Additionally, your bettors will be able to bet online or by phone, thanks to a call center available 24/7.

BossAction provides the servers for your betting site, which can be used by any bettor, anywhere in the world. And you can be sure that the betting site is always available thanks to backup systems maintained by the company.


Time is a precious resource of any bookie, but some tasks require a lot more time. Therefore the bookie loses money if he’s not efficient in managing his resources.

Making a grade for each bet at the end of an event is difficult and time-consuming, taking up most of the little free time bookies have. But nowadays, thanks to the BossAction reporting system, bookies no longer have to carry out this task.

The system will automatically grade each bet and determine how much money to pay or collect from the bettor. With a few clicks, the bookmaker can find out detailed information about his account in an easy-to-understand format.

The reports will help the bookie understand many things in his betting business, including exposure, open bets, and more.

Thanks to BossAction, bookies can access unlimited information about their business.


Boos Action has two different packages available for $ 10.99 and $ 12.99 per active user. These prices may be a little different from what you can find with other providers, but they are within the industry standard.

You will not be surprised because there are no hidden costs like commissions or revenue share schemes.

The one key attractions of BossAction is its different types of promotion bonuses. One example is their current promotion of a $3 fee for each active player until the next Super Bowl.

With this promotion, a bookie can get a top-notch service relatively cheaply.

BossAction also offers a referral program, which you can participate in for gaining $100 when a new agent account is created, plus a commission of 15% for deposit.

BossAction strives to offer a service out of the ordinary with an attractive set of benefits for bookies.


Boss Action offers a turnkey solution to manage your business and make you money. They provide tools and platforms that will help you earn lots of cash!

Boss actions resources allow you to start earning money if used in the right way quickly.