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Name PayPerHead 24/7
Established 1999
Location Costa Rica


In an industry with so many competitors, it takes a lot of hard work to establish your reputation. However, PayPerHead 24/7 has built up a respectable reputation due to its outstanding betting products.

The company has become one of the best options for bookies who want to switch to their current provider or are just beginning their operation.

Software and Features

PayPerHead 24/7 has everything from lines and odds for sports worldwide to casino games and even horse racing.

You can disable and enable the racebook or casino any time you desire. Nevertheless, it makes no sense to disable these features since they give you more opportunities to expand and grow your business.

To give just an example of the casino games’ potential, you can retain your bettors 3x more with them.

PayPerHead 24/7 infrastructure cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. But you can access all of that for a small monthly fee.

Part of the infrastructure they provide is a complete call center that operates 24/7. Thanks to this call center, you can serve any type of customer—even the old-school ones who still like to place bets over the phone.

The software allows a high level of customization so you can adapt it to your tastes and preferences. You can brand it with your own identity to create a unique betting experience for your bettors.


PayPerHead 24/7 charges $ 10 per player, and we can say that its price is too low, given everything we get with it.

As your betting business grows, you can get better costs per player; therefore, you can save a ton of money if you have a high volume of customers.

The cost of $10 per player is for active players only, so there’s no charge for those who don’t gamble. Best of all, you will not pay commissions, hidden costs or enter a revenue share scheme.

PayPerHead 24/7 provides powerful betting software, technical support, and a robust website to bookies for a low cost.

With this provider, there are no complications, and due to the robust platform, your betting site will be running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your customers place bets on their smartphones or tablets. The service is available anytime and from anywhere.

PayPerHead’s 24/7 technology allows you to have your betting site running in a matter of minutes. And it is exceptionally easy to use for users.


Pay Per Head providers helps to make bookies’ job more manageable. PayPerHead 24/7 does that particular well. Thanks to its platforms and services, bookies can now focus on essential tasks such as attracting customers without worrying about some operational tasks.

Apart from that, the provider will ensure that they are pleased with the best gambling products.

PayPerHead 24/7 provides a powerful reporting tool where you can know the status and performance of your business. You will be able to know about risk and general balances. Moreover, you will get detailed reports about the financial situation of the business.

As a result, you should not waste time calculating and grading each bet. By being more efficient in calculations, you will be able to charge and pay your clients much faster. This will create a better cash flow for the business.


At first glance, it may seem that this provider does not have enough experience. But appearances can be deceiving. PayPerHead 24/7 knows the betting industry in depth. Their staff has used all that knowledge to develop one of the industry’s most robust and easy-to-use betting platforms.