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Name PricePerPlayer
Established 2013
Location Costa Rica


Priceperplayer started its operations only in 2013. The company may not have many years on the market. But their staff has a combined 75+ years of experience in the gambling industry.

The company has its headquarters in the beautiful town of San Jose, Costa Rica. The country is known for its eclecticism and multiculturalism. This allows Priceperplayer to access qualified multilingual staff due to the country’s fluent polyglot language skills. This is one of the many strengths offered by this company. Agents are fluent in a wide range of languages such as Chinese, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

Having a multilingual staff is excellent for bookies interested in covering international markets.

Priceperplayer is a company that has been in the business for more than eight years, and they have put in great effort and resources into providing bettors with excellent services.

Software and Features

Using the PricePerPlayer software, you can create a vast Sportsbook with betting options to please every type of bettor. You can access lines and odds for every sport imaginable in the world to feature in your Sportsbook.

In addition, you will have racebook software available, allowing you to promote betting on the main horse race tracks from all around the world.

PricePerPlayer also offers casino software to feature on your betting sites. Through this software, you can offer your clients an interactive no-download casino with live or virtual games.

Bettors like the live casino, as it allows them to have a next-level interactive experience.

The software has an option which you can use to give bonuses and special promotions to your players. With this feature, you can keep your bettors happy and motive them to go on gambling.

If you are concerned about the security of your business and your bettors, Priceperplayer has you covered. The company has several firewalls and layers of encryption. They are also 99% reliable because they have backup systems to prevent all data loss. As a result, your betting site is always up and running.

The company stands out for providing support in various languages such as Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Chinese.


PricPerPlayer offers a cost-effective price in the industry. The cost to operate per player is 5$, and includes complete tools for managing a successful betting business.

Sign up for a two-week free trial if you want to test the service and get firsthand experience. The demo is completely free, and you get to use all the tools offered by PricePerPlayer.

If you liked what was shown on the demonstration and want to keep using their service, all that’s necessary is a deposit.


A bookie must know what happens for a betting business to function correctly. The company’s back end provides a robust reporting tool for bookies to track every move and bet.

It is possible to control each player’s account, establish betting limits, and determine which games they can access – all from the back end.

Thanks to all these functions, you can manage and monitor the risk of your betting business so that you know how exposed you are at all times.


With PricePerPlayer, the registration process is easy and quick. You will not have any setbacks to starting a betting business because the company accepts various deposit methods such as PayPal, Bitcoin, and MoneyGram.

Bettors can place their first bets rapidly and use the Sportsbook, casino, or racebook from any device.

PricePerPlayer has a robust infrastructure that will allow any person who wishes to be in the betting business go ahead and do so.

Their customer service is available 27 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can contact them by phone, email, or live chat any time of the day.

The customer service staff are very professional and will guide you through the entire process.